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There are a range of services that we can provide for your local small business, to improve your online visibility and increase targeted traffic flow to your small business, using several Internet, and online marketing solutions.

From general website design to large scale search engine marketing campaigns, we can tailor a online solution for your small business marketing needs.

General Web Services

Website Development

Website Packages

If you need a website to get found by the ever increasing number of people who now use the Internet to search for everyday products and services, then we have a very affordable website package available that can be specifically tailored to your small business needs.

These websites can be setup so you can then easily take control of it yourself to update and grow your site as your business needs grow, or you can have one of our staff work with you, to update and grow your site as you need for you.

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Social MediaSocial Media Packages

If you know nothing about Facebook, Twitter and other socialĀ  media, except that your business would benefit from increasing it’s online presence, and be able to connect with your target audience at a social level, to increase loyalty and be able to spread the word on a massive scale!

Then our social media package would be perfect for your small business, as a way to boost your social presence.

Let us setup and link all the relevant social media platforms to and from your website to easily alert your loyal following of updates, product news, sales and other relevant business news.

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Email Marketingemail marketing

Building a list of hot prospects to regularly market to, at the push of a button is one of the most effective marketing strategies being used by both large and small business, to increase sales and customer loyalty.

Setting up email marketing from your website, having the power to auto respond, and then funnel potential clients to sales, can be a set and forget system that runs on autopilot, or it can be used to keep your customers and potential customers regularly informed of the things that are important to know about your business, with newsletters and other forms of email marketing.

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search engine marketingSearch Engine Marketing

You have your website set up but it’s not getting found by the search engines, and you are being out ranked by your competition in the search results pages.

You could be losing a huge amount of potential customers and revenue that is going to someone else, when it could be coming to you, if only you could get listed on the first page of the search engines above your competition in the organic (not paid for) listings.

Search engine marketing is a way of informing the search engines that you exist and what your business is all about.

This allows them to list you on the appropriate pages, and with a strong SEM campaign can help you to out rank your competition.

Keyword ResearchKeyword Research

Before building a website or starting a search engine marketing campaign, you need to know what keywords potential customers are typing into the search engines when looking for a business that provides the products or services that you do.

Getting listed under keywords that are not relevant to your business, or ones that very few people use to search with, can be online suicide.


Competition AnalysisCompetition analysis

The simplest way to work out how to beat your competition in the rankings, is to find out what they are doing in their SEM and what keywords they are targeting.

This competition analysis also allows you to see if a particular keyword is too competitive to be able to get a top ranking, and that way you can concentrate on getting traffic from several less competitive searches, and possibly still get the same amount of highly targeted traffic.


Website IndexingWebsite indexing

Once your website is optimized and up and running, you need to let the search engines know that you exist so they can add your site to their listings.

Your site may get found on it’s own, but this can sometimes take a long time if you don’t submit it to the relevant search engines for indexing.

Submitting a site to all the main search engines can be a very time consuming process, but this will usually speed up the indexing process, and have your site listed and being found online much sooner.


On-page SEO Development and Website Code Optimizationsearch engine optimization

These 2 areas are usually done in the process of building a website, but if you have an existing site that you are trying to improve rankings for, then these two things may need to be looked at.

Setting up each page to be optimized for the search engines and then optimizing the code that helps the search engines read what it needs to clearly to define what your site is about.


Website Content DevelopmentContent development

Search engines like sites that have fresh and relevant content.

Developing this content and regularly updating your site with it, can help to boost your rankings and build your sites authority.

The content needs to be relevant to your site, as informative for it’s readers as possible and can be used to educate people on the benefits of using your product or service.


Link Buildinglink building

Another way of building your site authority is by gaining links from other relevant sites in your industry.

This acts as a stamp of approval in the eyes of the search engines, if they see that other sites value your site enough to want to link to it.

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