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Small Business Internet Marketing

The intention for this small business site was to create a go to place for people who are interested in growing bonsai.

Bonsai is a popular hobby world wide and although this site is locally owned the intention is to be able to market to both the local search engines as well as get it found in the top listings internationally for keywords related to the subject of how to bonsai.

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Email Marketing

We worked with the owner of Balcony Bonsai to put together a strong list building campaign that is then used as a way to educate the people on the list, and be able to market directly to them, products and services specifically related to the growing of bonsai.

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Social Media

With a hobby like bonsai, people like to be able to communicate and connect with each other to discuss and share knowledge and other information about their hobby.

Having an integrated social media setup keeps everyone in the loop, as well as being able to market to a much larger audience in an instance.

Social media has become one of the strongest forms of word of mouth marketing and has globally skyrocketed the traffic now viewing the site.

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