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Small Business Internet MarketingFishing Site

This site is set up for the purpose of making money as an affiliate marketing site.

The owner of this site uses his love of fishing to create a place, that people searching for information about fishing, fishing rods, reels and other fishing equipment can go to, and read articles or reviews, on products and services within the fishing niche.

Pescatore (not his real name), started this site as a small Internet business, hoping to grow over time by adding other elements of online marketing such as email marketing, a google AdWords campaign and other monetising methods, while continuing to add products and information of interest to his readers.

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Search Engine Optimization

For an affiliate site like this in a competitive niche like fishing, it is important to be found and indexed quickly by the search engines, and to have it ranked well to receive the maximum amount of targeted traffic possible.

Using a clean website layout, that is easy to navigate, while employing all of the basic search engine optimization techniques, will guarantee quick indexing and good search engine rankings for optimum online exposure.

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Search Engine Marketing

In a competitive niche it takes more than just good SEO to get a site listed well, for it’s preferred buyer keywords.

These keywords are the ones people type into search engines when they are searching with the intention of purchasing something.

With several keyword tools, and other online research methods, we were able to identify what these buyer keywords are, and which ones were likely to be the most profitable.

This research helps to narrow down what the majority of the potential buyers in this niche are searching for, and allows the site owner to target these markets with reviews, and articles based around these products or services, to maximise the earning potential of the site.

With a strong search engine marketing campaign, it is possible to have several buyer keywords listed in the top search engine rankings, guaranteeing a high volume of search traffic.

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