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Mad Mountain Biker

For lovers of this extreme sport having a website that would catch their eye and keep their attention was part of the brief from Johnny and the rest of the Mad Mountain Biker team.

Specialized mountain bikes and all the gear that go with them is a very competitive industry, so having good on page SEO, a complete search engine marketing plan as well as a strong, high level social media network is what is going to get this site to the top of it’s game.

Search Engine OptimizationSpecialized Mountain Bikes

To get found and ranked well in the major search engines, careful use of the right keywords throughout the website pages, and within the on page meta tags, is how a search engine determines what your site is about and where it should place you in the search result pages.

For this particular site we did a lot of research into what search terms riders would use when searching, due to the fact that this sport has almost a language of its own when it comes to what they call different styles of riding and the types of bikes used.

Search Engine Marketing

Specialized mountain bikes is a hugely competitive niche and we needed to set up a good online marketing campaign, not only so the search engines would raise the sites rank, but also as a way of driving targeted traffic to the site.

Search engine marketing has to seem as natural as possible or it can have a negative effect if done incorrectly or too aggressively, so our approach is to use the usual methods but target the audience rather than the search engines as this seems to work for both parts of the campaign and look much more natural.

Social Media Marketing

If you want a site to have targeted traffic and lots of it, you need a full scale social media plan and you need it to grow to keep above the competition.

The owner of this site Johnny Rails already had a strong social network as an accomplished rider so tapping into that has seen it grow incredibly well, and now is the driving force behind the success of Mad Mountain Biker.

Get Help From the Experts

If your site needs to be found or you need a boost of targeted traffic one of our SEM or Social Marketing packages might be what you need to your site to the top of it’s game.

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