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Make Money at Home Online

This site started as purely an affiliate marketing site that has branched out to cover lots of different ways people can make money at home online.

Affiliate marketing itself is an extremely competitive market so getting rankings for any keyword is pretty hard to do, so branching out to cover other ways to make money online makes this site more of an authority site than a single niche like affiliate marketing.

Make Money at Home Online

Search Engine Rankings

It really doesn’t matter what your site is selling or how competitive the particular niche is, all of the same rules apply to getting good search engine rankings, the more competitive the niche just means that you have to do a lot more of a few of the tasks that give a site it’s standing.

The Basics

1. Good on page SEO: Each page needs to be properly optimized to allow the search engines to find and rank your site according to what it finds on each page.

We spent some time analyzing and correcting each of the pages on this site to make sure it targeted the right keywords and each of the ranking factors have been used to maximize it’s chances of ranking well.

2. Content: Good quality content is what the reader is looking for when they come to your site, and the more competitive your niche is, the more content you need, and the search engines like it fresh.

We made sure that Make Money at Home Online had relevant good quality content for each of it’s static pages, and we structured a blog updating schedule to make sure it continues to pump out fresh content on a regular basis.

3. Traffic

Traffic should not come from search engines alone, and the more traffic you get from other sources actually improves the way the search engines will rank you, so concentrating your efforts on generating traffic from other sources serves a greater purpose than just search engine marketing.

The subject of making money online and affiliate marketing is so big that it made sense to implement social media marketing as the driving force behind traffic generation for this site.

The search engines take notice of a  high level of social signals coming to a site as this shows that people believe your site is worthy of them bookmarking, liking, tweeting or linking to your site in some way.

Online Marketing

For any internet marketing these days you really have to consider all avenues available as they now work together as part of the overall profile of your business.

Good search engine rankings consistently is the main goal, and to do this you now need more than a well optimized page and a few back links to be successful.

If your site needs improving in it’s search engine rankings maybe it’s time to look at your Social Media Marketing to give it the boost and authority it needs to keep you at the top.

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