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Tweed Coast KarateAs  a small locally run school, it is important for us to be as visible as possible when people are looking for a Martial Art or Karate club to join in their local area.

Having a website that allows us to be found easily in the search engines as well as allowing us to connect with our students is important.

Local Business Marketing

Where our school is located is quite visible from the street, and when we are training we tend to make  a lot of noise which attracts plenty of attention.

When people come in off the street to watch or inquire about our karate classes, and our style of karate, it is great to be able to give them the basic information, and then direct them to our website if they need further information, at least then the instructor is not held up answering questions and can continue to train the class.

Local Internet Marketing

We are a school in a small coastal town that is surrounded by several other small towns, it is important to be able to localise our online marketing so we get found by the right people that live nearby, and we are not marketing to people that live too far away to come to train with us.

Local Small Business Marketing

There are several other styles of martial arts that have schools in the local area, so it is important to us to be as close to the top of the Google search results when someone is looking for a school to train in.

Local Entrepreneur helped us get our number one Google spot and keep it, for the keywords that are relevant to our business, which has helped us to continue to get a steady stream of new enquiries.

Email Marketing Campaigns

The first email campaign we got started with, was simply being able to automatically send out information to people who enquire via the website.

This frees us up by not having to manually answer the enquiries that just require more information.

Why Email Marketing is Different

With email marketing when someone requests information from your website you know that they are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

If that person doesn’t come and join up right away you have a chance to keep them informed and educate them more about what you do, so they get more comfortable and eventually you hope to convince them to come down and have a try.

Benefits of Small Business Internet Marketing for Martial Artists

I think small business Internet marketing is beneficial for Martial Artists or any local business, because you can target your local area as well as having a great website for people to see that you are professional in what you do.

As a Karate school it is important to have that trust when people are starting out, or sending their children to you to train, you need to be professional.

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