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Tweed Coast Personal Trainers

Local business partners Peter Meredith and Celia Pennay are the driving force behind this successful, long running personal training business.

Peter Says,

“We have had an online presence for many years, but truly tapping into the opportunities of top search engine listings and email marketing, has truly pushed our business forward.

After 12 years in business, using localentrepreneur.com.au to help us move forward with our small business Internet marketing, would have to be one of the smartest decisions we have made.”

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Being right on the border of NSW and QLD, the Tweed Coast can sometimes get lost in both offline and online directories as it seems to get included as part of QLD’s Gold Coast region.

The clientele, and needs of those clientele looking for a personal trainer on the Tweed Coast, are vastly different to the Gold Coast, and being able to directly market to those customers is a huge advantage.

Local Internet Marketing

The Tweed Coast is made up of more than 10 towns and villages of which Tweed Coast Personal Trainers has staff training specifically from one or more of these locations.

Having the ability to be more specific about where these trainers are listed in the search engine pages, under targeted keywords such as Personal Trainer South Tweed Heads, or Kingscliff Personal Trainer increases enquiry rates for those trainers who only work in one area, and allows potential clients to find and connect with the most available trainer to them straight away.

Local Small Business Marketing

Email Marketing Campaigns

Being able to connect to the right people in the local area using direct small business marketing is a huge advantage, but using targeted email marketing campaigns has been a major turning point for Tweed Coast Personal Trainers.

Like any small business, using  normal marketing methods can be too expensive and not guarantee any sort of return on investment.

Why Email Marketing is Different

First impressions don’t always appeal to everyone, so having more than one opportunity to educate your potential customers on the value of your product or service using email marketing, can seriously increase your conversion rates of enquiry to sale.

Email marketing is a very inexpensive way  to market to hot prospects, and once set up can almost run itself as an unlimited ongoing marketing funnel.

Benefits of Small Business Internet Marketing for Personal Trainers

Needing the services of a personal trainer is usually an emotional need, and clients looking for the services of a personal trainer tend to make the decision to start, when that emotional need hits a peak. When they find someone to supply that service, getting them started as soon as possible is extremely important for any personal training business, to be able to satisfy that clients need while it is still at a peak.

Being on the first page of the search engine results when that clients need is at its greatest, increases the chances of converting them to a sale dramatically.

Increase Your Business Potential Using Local Internet Marketing

Increase your online presence to the people who are looking for your product or service now, and increase your business potential using successful Small Business Internet Marketing strategies today!

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