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Local Small Business Marketing

Gym Tweed HeadsAfter meeting the new owners of this long standing business in Tweed Heads South, it was quite evident that online marketing, using a website and social media to generate new clients, had not been a big part of the previous owners marketing structure.

A website for a business like a gym has to have a number of important elements to make sure it maximizes its usefulness as a go to place for current members to get updated information on class times, opening hours, and up coming events, as well as giving potential new members the information they need to make an informed decision about joining this gym, as apposed to the several other new facilities that have set up in this small town all within several blocks of one another.

Social Media Marketing

The first job in the new marketing strategy was to create a Facebook fan page so members could get notification of changes quickly via social media, as well as be able to interact and be part of the whole gym community online with other members they may not get a chance to meet or be social with while in the facilities.

This gym in Tweed Heads South has been around for over 25 years and has built it’s reputation as a community minded facility that really cares for the needs of the local area when it comes to health and fitness, so taking things to the next level by being able to communicate with its members via social media was an important step forward.

Email Marketing

By using social media and other marketing to drive traffic to the website allowed the sales team to capture new leads and market to these leads via an email auto responder, the purpose of this is to automate the process of sending out time effective and targeted information to drive prospective clients to taking up one of the gyms many trial membership offers, this type of email marketing works effectively when done in conjunction with Facebook or other social media ad campaigns.

Internet Marketing

With a strong focus on how to use the internet over time, by building a good social media following and utilizing the website to deliver good quality content over time, will work to get this gym the exposure it needs to continue to compete in this over crowded market.

Small Business Internet Marketing

If your business could utilize its website better, or a social media management is an area you need to address, check out our internet packages available for small business.



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