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Local Internet Marketing

Weight Loss Gold CoastClearly this website needs to be listed well in the local area of the Gold Coast to maximize it’s effectiveness as a local advertising directory.

The weight loss industry on the Gold Coast is massive, and the competition for certain keywords, makes getting this site listed well in the search engine rankings a real challenge.

The necessity for strong SEO, research to target the right keywords and thorough competition analysis is the key to the success of a site like this.

Advertisers want to get maximum return for their money, so getting large volumes of targeted traffic is important.

Email Marketing

With a site like Weight Loss Gold Coast it makes it money from selling premium advertising space.

The way to encourage a business to pay for premium advertising space, is to offer free advertising, then use an email marketing funnel, which is a series of specific emails sent of a set time period, that educate and direct a potential advertiser, to the benefits of a premium listing, or other paid services that they may benefit from.

Search Engine Marketing

To get a site ranking well for a competitive industry such as weight loss, it needs a long term search engine marketing campaign to get it to the first page of the search engines, and then regular on, and off site work to keep it there.

Two of these strategies are link building and adding content.

Link Building

To allow the search engines to believe that a site is an authority on a certain keyword they look at other sites that are linked to it and give it credit for the relevance of those other sites to the keywords being targeted.

Getting the right type of links from the right sites can be a difficult and time consuming process, but an extremely important part of a sites success.

Adding Content

To keep a site ranking well it also needs to be fresh and informative about the subject it relates to.

To keep a site fresh and up to date requires relevant content to be added on a regular basis for the search engines to continue to rank it well over it’s competition.

The owners of Weight Loss Gold Coast are in the business of making money, not writing pages of content about weight loss!

Part of some of our Search engine marketing packages include services such as link building and adding content so if your business is in a competitive market that needs you to keep on top of the competition check out some of our small business marketing packages to find one that suits your needs and budget.

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