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The Value of Good SEO

Value of Good SEOThe difference and value of good SEO (search engine optimization) is like having a full page, full colour ad, in the most popular newspaper or magazine in your local area, or having a postcard size plain text ad in the local Scout groups newsletter.

Don’t get me wrong, they are both valid and possibly powerful ways to market in your local area, especially if your target market are scouts and their families, but for most local small business, this is probably not a very successful way to market your business.

If part of your local business marketing is your website (which it should be!!) then you want to get the most exposure you can, by having it appear on the front page and within the top listings both in google places, and in the organic (not paid for) listings of the search engines, when someone types in the keywords that describe, what your business provides.

There two ways that you can give your website the best possible chance of it getting listed where you need it to be.

1. On page SEO

2. Off page SEO

On Page SEOOnpage seo

Having your website built and maintained by someone who understands what SEO is and how to apply it to your website, is the biggest part of  getting a top search engine listing.

The first step is to research what the most relevant keywords are that best describe your business, it’s products and services, and then find out what the largest amount of your  target audience are actually typing into search engines when looking for those products or services that you provide.

This one step usually brings out some surprising results that you may not have thought of when you dig down into what people actually type in, when doing an online search.

Spy on the CompetitionSeo competition

A clever way to find strong keywords is to spy on your competition be going to their websites hover your mouse over the home page right click your mouse and click view page source.

You will see a lot of jumbled code, but within that code around the top of the page you should see the words,

meta name=”keywords”

After the word keywords should be a string of words that they are targeting.

This allows you to then research those keywords, see how strong they are for your business and then decide if you should target them with your SEO campaign.

What to do With These Keywords.Seo What to do

Once you have targeted the most relevant keywords for your site, they can be used to create content on your site in the right places, and be included in main headings and description areas that the search engines crawl to evaluate what your site is about, and where they should list your site in regards to how much of an authority they think your site is, based on those keywords.

Good On-page SEO

For a site that ranks well in the search engines not only needs to look professional, be easy for people to navigate through to find what they are looking for quickly and easily, it should also have good SEO.

These steps are best done when you first set up your website, but can be corrected if necessary to get your site listed properly if it has been over looked in the past.

All of these on page SEO steps are done for you, and are included in our basic website package, you can find out more on this page, Local Small Business Website Packages.

Off page SEOOff page seo

If your in a competitive market and on page SEO is not enough to get you top search engine rankings, then an off page SEO campaign can help you to boost your rankings further and help you maintain good ranking s for these competitive keywords.

Off page SEO is a much larger task and depending on how competitive your market  is will depend on the level necessary to be successful.

These might include social media marketing,  link building, and further website content development.

You can find out more on these here.

The Value of Good SEOIncrease traffic

To a small business adopting these SEO strategies can be priceless if it helps to achieve driving targeted traffic to your website on a consistent basis.

With more people than ever using Google to search for businesses just like yours, being listed above your competition, giving you a much greater slice of traffic for your targeted keywords, can have a huge impact on your business success.


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