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Using a Facebook Page for Your local Business

Face book for small business

Using a Facebook Page for Your Local Business

Benefits of a Facebook Campaign.

  • Get found by people searching for your product or service.

Getting your website found in the search engines, (You do have a website, right?) on the first page under the right search terms takes a lot of search engine optimization (SEO), and search engine marketing (SEM) that can be time consuming, costly, and no guarantee that you will reach the top spot.

Using social media sites like Facebook to set up a business page can create an active network for your business, can boost the value of your business website in the eyes of the search engines (so they list it higher), and it also allows you to tap into the sheer volume of people using it day in day out in your local area, this itself opens the door to a much larger number of customers searching for your products or services when online.

  • Connect, Engage and BuildFacebook connect

Facebook allows you connect with and engage your customers and potential customers, while building a community of followers around your business.

Building hype, fun and a sense of “The place to be seen” around a business, and making it seem like the place to shop, workout, drink coffee or whatever your business provides, is a sure fire way to attract attention (everybody wants to hang out with the cool kids)!

  • Promote and Inform

Use your Facebook page to promote and inform your followers of weekly specials, discounts (for Facebook friends only!), your latest marketing campaign, and keep them up to date with all the latest news and information relevant to your industry, but do not use it as a place to hard sell anything!

How to Use Your Facebook PageScreen Shot 2013-11-25 at 2.25.48 pm

The first step is to work out who your customers and potential customers are, if they use Facebook, and what image you want your business to promote.

After a while you can use “Facebook Insights” to see the demographic of the people who have liked or shared your page and posts, which can give you an idea of the content and interests that you can target in future posts.

How Often Should You Post.


The frequency of your posts and keeping your followers engaged is important, but not as important as the quality of the content you post.

It is best to post less often, than to post stuff that is not relevant or of no interest to your followers.

Try to post at least once a week for best results, and seek feedback for a more accurate gauge of an acceptable posting volume.

What to Post?

Remembering that this is your window to your current customers as well as potential customers, it is important to post things that encourage sharing, liking and re-posting, while building your business profile as the experts in your industry.

My suggestion is to treat your social media campaigns exactly the same as your other marketing campaigns, and that is to have at least a 12 month plan.

This can be a basic outline or a more in-depth plan, but in any case it should be a plan.

What to Include:Worksheet 1

  • Whatever is on this months marketing calendar (you do have a monthly marketing calendar don’t you?)
  • A special of the Week
  • A motivational Quote of the week
  • A customer of the week (post a brief testimonial and a photo)
  • Post links to relevant expert opinions, information or articles (preferably ones published on your own website)
  • De-bunk myths or clear up confusing issues in your industry
  • Staff recommendation of the week
  • Latest product, service, news on trends, changes and business direction updates.
  • Cross promote your business partners
  • Ask relevant questions to get a response and interaction from your followers

Build Facebook FansFacebook fan

  • Encourage your customers to “check-In” each time they are in your business.
  • Regularly ask followers to share.
  • Hand out instructions on how to find and like your Facebook page (not everyone is social media savvy)
  • Include your Facebook address on all your stationary, and on all marketing and promotional material

Things to Remember

  • Be seen as an industry expert, you and the businesses you associate with.
  • This is now part of your customer service, respond to comments quickly and with diplomacy
  • Do not over promote or hard sell
  • Keep it relevant and interesting
  • Monitor the outcomes

Learn to love it.

Love it or hate it the internet and the social media craze is here to stay, and I suggest that every business embrace it, and begin to learn how to use it to tap into the power that it is creating locally and globally, as a means of communication and business marketing into the future.

Marketing Sheet

I have included a copy of the  marketing worksheet I use for all my social media campaigns, you can download it here!Pdf Download button


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  2. This technique is now used as a means of counterbalancing new customers and opportunities with current and existing customers as a means of maximizing profit and counteracting the “leaky bucket theory of business” in which new customers gained in older direct marketing oriented businesses were at the expense of or coincided with the loss of older customers.

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